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Our Academics

Our students learn about the love of God and His plan for their lives
while mastering their academic subjects. Every day new goals are set while others are reached. Our graduates return to tell us their hard work has paid off as they find college pursuits to be less of a struggle than their peers.
ABeka Curriculum

PCA proudly follows the Abeka curriculum.


Abeka is a biblical, comprehensive curriculum that has been used in more than 800 Christian schools each year. And those students often go on to be accepted into prestigious colleges. 


Some of our own students have reported back that they are so well prepared for their college classes. They see other students struggling, but they feel very competent.


Abeka is organized in such a way that students come to class each day knowing what to expect. They also know what is expected of them. Students are actively involved in the lessons and participate in assignments, games, and activities.


Classes are taught by master teachers who engage the students, and the staff maintains a well-managed classroom environment so all students can learn. They also oversee the work each student produces.

Abeka curriculum uses a spiral approach to learning. The material begins with the simple then builds to the complex. Review and application occur frequently within each grade as well as from one grade to the next. The curriculum also uses cross-subject integration. Information from one subject is used in others to tie learning together as well as reinforce understanding in all subjects.


All of this occurs in age-appropriate content. The information is presented in manageable chunks, allowing for better comprehension and understanding.

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Grade Level Information

Providence Christian Academy is blessed to be a small but growing school. One of the blessings of being small is that our students are able to interact with one another in ways that larger schools usually cannot. We regularly find our high school students interacting with, teaching, and helping
the younger students of their own accord.

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Home School Co-op

Fridays at PCA are very special because our home school students join us for half a day of classes. Classes which have been offered to our students include:

Lower Grades


Hand bells (K-2nd)

Choir (3rd and up)



Writing Enrichment

Upper Grades



Sign Language


Music Theory

Life Skills

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