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Arts & Clubs

At Providence Christian Academy we believe that God has blessed each student with many gifts. Therefore, we strive to provide opportunities for those gifts to be used in His service. Many of these gifts take an artistic form.


Beginning in third grade each of our students participates in choir. We hold practices weekly on Friday afternoons so our homeschool students can join us. Students travel monthly to NHC (National Health Care) to sing. At times they have been invited to sing in special services at local churches. One of our favorite things each year is when our choir goes Christmas caroling.


Our Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd-grade students begin learning about music through handbells. Students learn many new skills when participating in this art. Not only do they begin learning about music, timing, and the anticipation of waiting their turn to participate, but they learn life skills as well. Learning with handbells trains students to stand still and focus for short periods of time. They also learn the benefits of working together in a group and how it results in a beautiful outcome. Students discover that handbells are a fun way of expressing their joyfulness.

Yearbook Club

Our high school students have the opportunity to participate in the yearbook club. This provides students with several opportunities for learning and growing. Students take photographs, write the information included in the yearbook, and design layouts for the pages and the cover.

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